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I wonder Why

I wonder Why

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I wonder Why
I wonder Why = Aku Ingin Tau Mengapa Versi Inggris

I Wonder Why books that have set thousands of young minds buzzing NOW comes alive with an AUDIO INTERACTIVE PEN!

Now you can learn with a talking pen which makes learning FUN & EASY with VOICES reading out to your child!

Full of lively answers to tricky questions and praised for their mix of realistic artwork with cartoons, I Wonder Why books are a brilliant way to keep your childs mind amazed. With intriguing information & fun facts, the books are guaranteed to excite the readers curiosity & develop reading skills.

Per set terdiri dari 12 buku & audio pen (e-pen) sbb :
1. Ponies wear shoes
2. Kangaroo have pouches
3. Columbus crossed the ocean
4. Caterpillar eat so much
5. Castle had moats
6. The wind blows
7. Pyramids were built
8. Volcanoes blow their tops
9. Stars twinkle
10. Shop makes bubbles
11. My tummy rumbles
12. Triceratops had horns

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